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Why should I take dance lessons?
Dancing is a great way to exercise without the hassle of going to a health club. It also gives you poise and self confidence. What a great thing Guys to be able to ask a lady to dance and know how, or how about pleasing the special person in your life! Ladies, once you learn how to dance you will be able to follow trained dancers as well as untrained in any dance situation, so let's get prepared! Basically, taking dance lessons now will give you a source of enjoyment for a lifetime. Plus, it's just plain fun for people of all ages and skill levels. If dancing isn't fun, why do people always watch the dance floor? Get involved, get dancing!

​How do I get started?
Call us to set up an appointment for a tour of our studio and a 30-minute complimentary sample lesson with a private instructor.


What will I learn?
We will start with any dance you want to learn and introduce you to new dances you may have heard of. However, it's up to you!  We are here to teach you what YOU want to LEARN!

Do I need a partner?

No, your teacher will be your partner, but if you do have a partner there is a 2-for-1 rate and that includes both of you! Also, in the group classes and at the parties, there are plenty of people to dance with, and you will get a chance to switch partners and meet different people. So, if you come alone or with a partner, you will always feel a part of our dance family.​

What do I wear?

The atmosphere is casual, but it is recommended that you wear comfortable smooth bottomed shoes, and clothes that you can move in. Sometime we have events that require formal or semi-formal attire. If you get serious about dancing, ask your instructor about purchasing proper dance shoes and attire.

What if I've never danced before?
Good! That's why we are in business, to serve you. We specialize in new students as well as the most advanced. Your instructor will move at a comfortable pace so you can retain what you have learned on your lessons. Also, most of our group classes are geared towards newcomers and begin with the very basics. Once you feel comfortable, talk to your instructor about joining the more advanced group classes.

How long will it take?
We can get you dancing in one lesson, guaranteed! It takes the average student anywhere from three months to a year to become a refined dancer, but be ready to have lots of fun getting there!

Turn in Your Two Left Feet


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This week at Dance Masters...

MON - Intermediate ChaCha w /John @ 6:30pm 
MON - Carolina Shag @ 7:00pm

TUE - Newcomer Class w/Mike @ 7pm
TUE - Dance Practice @ 7:45pm
WED - River City Rueda @ 6:30pm

THURS - Sr. DanceSport @ 6:30pm
FRI - Jr. DanceSport @ 5:30pm


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